Lutema Avatar Hovercraft 4CH Remote Control Helicopter - RC Red (MIT4CAVHR)

Lutema Avatar Hovercraft 4CH Red (MIT4CAVHR)

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Most Durable Helicopter So Far, October 10, 2012
hank (USA)
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I was first skeptical about buying this Lutema helicopter as it is a little more expensive than other similar products in the market; however it turns out to be a great buy. I expected it to last for a few days only but it's been more than a month now and still going good. It is much more durable and reliable than I expected.

Even though it had been softly crashed into walls and furniture a few times and a few hard landings, but it is so lightweight and durable that the only damage I've experienced are a few nicks in the plastic main rotor blades. And the spinning blades haven't damaged anything in the house.

The control on this helicopter is simply amazing. It is so easy to use and hover around in any direction that even a beginner can fly it safely right out of the box. Some of my friends were flying like a pro after couple of tries. They felt in love with this toy that now everyone owns one too.

A bit clunky, February 16, 2013
Gregory R. Hill "gregor" (San Diego, CA USA)
This rc helo is well-built and rugged. It seems to stand up very well to crashes. The drift left and right functions work very well. I wish they were incorporated into the joystick instead of on two separate buttons. Overall performance is good, not great. It is a bit heavy and clunky in the controls compared to my 3 other copters, and doesn't seem to give me quite as much flight time. I would prefer spring tension in the left (motor/lift control) joystick. This one only has spring tension in the right joystick. It is also much noisier than my others. Of course, it is heavier due to the two drift motors, which could explain the difference in performance and noise.

Originally, I thought this was a fairly good deal, but after having tried a few other helos, I would say that the Syma s800g four channel is much better (although not as durable) for about half the cost of this one.

Old man fun, December 14, 2012
Randy McKee (Las Vegas, Nevada, US)
Even a 46 year old can have fun with this. It works very well and it has handled all my crashes. Wish the battery would hold a bigger charge but I get 10 minutes of fun.

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